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"The biggest challenge is leadership"

Isaac Getz

- Corporate

- Sep 26 2016

Sodexo’s 50th Anniversary marks a unique opportunity to explore the future of Quality of Life. A few days ahead of an event rich of exchanges and open to innovation, our four international experts share their views on Quality of Life for tomorrow.

Isaac Getz

Professor of Leadership and Innovation at ESCP Europe Business School

Could you give us an example of a Quality of Life initiative in your area of expertise?

The whole topic of "liberated companies" is about Quality of Life, or to put it differently "the good life”. Indeed, liberated organizations – from Michelin, to hundreds of SMEs and even a US nuclear submarine – all aim to provide employees with an encouraging and enriching environment so they can realize their full potential through freedom of initiative and responsibility. This is very close to what Aristotle meant by living the good life, or one of great quality.

The theme of our 50th anniversary celebration is "Imagine Quality of Life." Give us a glimpse into how you will address this topic at the conference.

I’ll ask the audience to imagine a work environment where people enjoy their work every day and where they are willing to do their best. Many demanding, gruesome jobs are just seen as a contract where employees exchange hours for a paycheck. Yet the same activities can become a calling if people simply share a common dream and work in an environment that satisfies their natural, universal needs. This is much easier to imagine when you learn about the hundreds of companies where this kind of quality of life is a reality.

What do you see as the biggest Quality of Life challenge for the future?

The biggest challenge is leadership. Liberating leadership, transformational leadership, servant leadership – whatever name you choose – is the rarest commodity on earth. It's these leaders who can launch the organizational innovation which will create a work environment that makes great Quality of Life – the good life – a reality for all employees. And this is no easy task.

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Watch the LIVE of the conference on Sodexo's 50th anniversary and the Future of Quality of Life on 4 October 2016 from 18:00 (GMT+2) on sodexo.com.

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"The biggest challenge is leadership"

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