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Feb 20 2015

Can a desk actually encourage healthier choices?

A new product by Stir is shaking up the standard workday – literally. Many office workers find themselves sitting in the same position for hours on end –consumed in projects or simply too busy to get up and walk around. But Stir’s Kinetic Desk prompts workers to get up for a stretch or change their stagnant posture. Based on the parameters set by the user on the desk’s touchscreen panel, the desk raises an inch as a reminder and can then be set to varying heights between sitting and standing positions.

For users who are interested in monitoring their movement, the desk’s touch screen provides a daily or monthly summary of time spent sitting and standing. The system also links with other technology such as the FitBit to learn individual preferences – an innovation that should help employees remember to take a walk from time to time.

Read more about the benefits of an active workplace as well as the hazards of sitting.

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