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Mar 29 2014

The head to toe hazards of sitting

The majority of people spend at least six hours a day sitting. Odds are, you are sitting down while reading this article – perhaps craning your neck forward or over extending the back and shoulder by slouching. While some of the hazards of sitting can be seen or felt immediately, experts reveal that sitting takes a toll on the entire body.

Inactivity leads to low blood flow, unused muscles and instability. As body functions are interconnected, minor side effects can lead to serious health problems over time. For example, lack of movement causes the brain and body to function slower, resulting in foggy thinking, heart disease, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. Low activity has also been linked to diabetes, osteoporosis and even certain types of cancer.

Experts recommend stretching throughout the day, taking walks, alternating between sitting and standing and sitting on something that keeps core muscles engaged.



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