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Jun 27 2017

Improving the well-being of teachers

There is plenty of concern in schools about the mental well-being of students and the importance of a supportive environment. 

But what about the teachers?

Research suggests that teachers with a sense of well-being can not only transmit that to students, but are also less likely to have sick days or performance management issues . That positive attitude comes from feeling valued and being part of a team - one where teachers can share their challenges and successes with colleagues.

To foster such an environment, there are various options.

A school in Melbourne, Australia that has a Staff Wellbeing Committee  organizes social events where teachers can get together, such as tea mornings held in different areas of the school, end-of-term drinks, a game of lawn bowls, or lunch-clubs during term time. Charity activities have also proved popular. Separately, the school also provides a confidential counseling service for teachers facing challenges at work or in their personal lives. 

Together, these help to create a school where teachers, as well as pupils, can thrive.

[1] Roffey, S. (2012). Pupil wellbeing – teacher wellbeing: Two sides of the same coin? Educational and Child Psychology, 29(4), 8.
[2] TeacherMagazine.com

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