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Inside view: Introducing the Quality of Life Conference

Quality of Life Observer

- Global

- May 5 2015

We are kicking off the world’s first international conference on Quality of Life in New York City on May 5-6, and invite you to follow this groundbreaking two-day event as we blog from the Conrad Hotel.


The world's most innovative leaders and thinkers are coming together to share experiences and ideas about how to improve Quality of Life for all. The long-term goal is nothing short of a healthier, happier society and a sustainable solution for global economic growth.


With 49 speakers from 14 countries, presentations and panel discussions will intersect multidisciplinary and multicultural points of view that span generations, nations, and sectors.


The impressive lineup includes media mogul Arianna Huffington and influential economist Jeremy Rifkin. Also flying in from near and far is a range of movers and shakers representing business, science, healthcare, education, architecture – even mindfulness. You can see the full agenda here.


Day One will explore the concept of Quality of Life. Sodexo CEO Michel Landel, our host for this conference, will launch the event on Tuesday afternoon, followed by OECD Deputy Secretary General Mari Kiviniemi. They will then turn the stage over to six thought leaders, who will each give short, insightful talks on different aspects of Quality of Life.


Attendees will break off into small panels that will delve deeper into the different sides of Quality of Life, holding cross-sector conversations that challenge assumptions and ideas, as well as old-school economic models.


Day Two, the younger generation will join experienced leaders to discuss how to implement concrete changes and solutions. Senior figures from healthcare, defense, business, and the UN will nail down what it takes to become a Quality of Life changemaker.


Even if you're not actually at the conference, you don't have to miss any of it. Follow it on the qualityoflifeconference.com, check out the video and post comments on the website. Keep your Twitter feed open (#QoLConference), and watch the plenary sessions in real time on our livestream. But please, whatever you do, stay tuned – we believe this conference will be a first step in changing the way we all think about our future prosperity and communal well-being.


The Quality of Life Conference will start today at 1:30PM (GMT -5). Watch the Live!





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Inside view: Introducing the Quality of Life Conference

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