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NextKids: When co-working meets child daycare

Quality of Life Observer

- Corporate

- Jun 5 2014

Childcare related issues currently cause tardiness and absenteeism in nine out of 10 companies while 80 percent of companies also claim that these issues cause employees to cut their workdays short. But let’s imagine a world where parents can float easily between a 10 a.m. conference call and lunchtime with their toddler. Too good to be true? It’s not.

The decision between being a present parent or a successful entrepreneur should not be imposed on anyone. This thinking sparked the creation of NextKids, the newest convenience offered by coworking company NextSpace.

When NextKids founder Diana Rothschild found herself feeling less than professional as her newborn’s cries hurried her off an important business call, the successful consultant, who deals with fortune 100 companies on a regular basis, decided it was time to make a change – but one that didn’t compromise her professionalism or her ability to be a good mom.

Finding the right balance

Following extensive research, the San Francisco-based mom found the solution in NextSpace, a Santa Cruz coworking facility. While clients already enjoyed the inspiring environment as well as a laundry list of amenities, Rothschild saw room to include a service to help parents with the work-life balance: on-site childcare. With much of the working world struggling with the work-life balance, connecting the dots between the ideal work environment and the best childcare environment was clear. This hybrid space offers clients the opportunity to work and raise children without compromise.

A service to fit anyone’s needs

Depending on the needs of parents, NextKids offers flexible options – whether for a porti on of a day, $22 per hour, or for regular full-time childcare, $2,080 per month. Parents of children between three months to three years are invited to participate in weekly classroom activities and are able to drop in at anytime during the day between meetings or for quick distressing breaks. While trained early childhood development educators look after children and provide eco frills such as compostable diaper service and organic snacks – parents are granted 24/7 access to the workspace, conference rooms, Wi-Fi and, of course, unlimited caffeinated beverage options.

As the work environment changes, and as the lives of workers evolve with the arrival of children, combining work spaces and childcare services allows parents to focus on their career, while being physically close to their children as well.

Want to learn more about coworking? Check out this article on the growing trend.

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NextKids: When co-working meets child daycare

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