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Quality of Life Observer by Sodexo

Quality of Life Observer

- Global

- Feb 27 2014

Quality of Life is a central and evolving issue in many environments, from the workplace, to schools, to life in general. During the last decade, more and more companies, institutions, politicians and people have started to investigate how the quality of life of employees, clients and more generally citizens can be improved.

The importance of quality of life remains to be explored as a driver of individual and collective progressIt is Sodexo’s belief that lasting value is only created when organizations and society as a whole place people at the center of their thinking. When placed in positive environments, people are more fulfilled and go on to become capable of transforming challenges into opportunities. With this goal in mind, Sodexo has created the Quality of Life Observer website as a hub dedicated to the topic of Quality of Life to deliver the latest news and trends, from expert interviews to case studies and innovative initiatives, to in-depth articles and testimonials.

The Quality of Life Observer is open to expert contributors and organizations proactively engaged in improving Quality of Life: they – you – are welcome to submit topics or contents to be published on this site, and to interact by commenting and sharing. 

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Quality of Life Observer by Sodexo

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