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Dec 12 2013

Sending That Email Costs More Than You Think

With nearly 90 billion business emails popping into inboxes every day, the average office employee checks their email roughly 288 times a day. This compulsive need to be “in the loop” not only lowers productivity, but also increases stress levels of employees.

To quantify this loss, research firm Basex estimates that lowered productivity costs US businesses $650 billion a year. This drop is associated primarily with the amount of time it takes workers to recover from interruptions, such as email, and return to the task at hand.

The cost however, goes beyond dollars and cents and also strikes at general employee wellbeing. Today’s demanding work culture tethers many employees to their computers, smartphones and other devices, even during non-working hours. Half of US working adults check their work email while still in bed in the morning and 69% will not go to sleep without a last check-in on their work account.

According to technology and culture writer Nicholas Carr, people do not associate an actual cost with sending an email. To curb over-communication, employees should weigh the necessity and cost of each email.

As you hover over the send button, you might ask yourself – is this really worth it?

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