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The Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life

Jan 20 2017

Quality of Life Observer

Since 2009, the Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life has served as a resource to help the Group deepen its understanding of Quality of Life. It is founded on Sodexo’s conviction that improving Quality of Life leads to the progress of individuals and contributes to the performance of organizations. The Institute’s objective is to gather and develop insight on the drivers of Quality of Life and their impact. It focuses its gaze outside of Sodexo to develop and leverage relationships in particular with academia.

The Institute reads and listens widely, convenes research round-tables and participates in conferences. Since 2014, the Institute’s round-table ‘Dialogues’ have convened experts from academia, business, NGOs and the public sector in London, Paris, Washington DC, Ottawa, Mumbai, Brussels and Santiago on topics as varied as dementia, obesity, loneliness in healthcare and seniors’ care, autonomy in the workplace, and services in an online world. The Institute has also spoken at conferences in the UK, the US, France, Panama and Finland.

Some recent publications include:

  • a retrospective on 2016 that provides an overview of the Institute’s own activities and shares some of the external insights that caught its attention over the year.
  • ‘Treat me as a person, because that is was I still am’ – inspired by the Planetree and Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life ‘Dialogue’ that took place in Washington D.C. in May 2016, this report considers what is dementia, how it is characterised and impacts Quality of Life for individuals, their relatives and carers, before exploring responses and priorities from a Quality of Life perspective.
  • ‘Work in the 21st century: agile and mindful’ - inspired by the round-table ‘Dialogue’ that took place in Montigny-le-Bretonneux, France, in June 2016, this report explains the recent evolution of organizational types and behaviours, it explores the role of the human factor in today’s work, how and where mindfulness can play role.
  • ‘Social interaction, loneliness and Quality of Life in healthcare and older adults’ care’ - inspired by the Dialogue that took place in Ottawa, in September 2014 this report’s aim is to increase understanding of loneliness and social interaction to improve the quality of life of patients, older adults and carers.
  • ‘The impact of the physical workplace on performance’ – this report serves as an introduction to organizations’ interest in the impact of the physical workplace environment on key performance drivers and their insights.

Contact: QualityofLifeInstitute@sodexo.com

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The Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life

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