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The Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life: 2016 Retrospective

Thomas Jelley, Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life

- Global

- Jan 20 2017

The Sodexo Group’s internal think tank has published its Retrospective for 2016 to provide an overview of the Institute’s own activities and share external insights from the past twelve months.


Among the reports published by the Institute in 2016 were those based on its round-table Dialogues on memory care and the world of work in the 21st century. The first report highlights the critical role of language used in the context of dementia and the need for care to benefit from a new narrative to underpin a renewed shared sense of purpose. The second report explores today’s demands for agility at work, its effects on employees and the role mindfulness can play in helping to find the critical balance between speed and stability.


Key findings from other reports published over the past year also feature in the Retrospective. These include the results published by Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services following its survey to better understand the daily challenges of SMEs and their perception of Quality of Life in the workplace. The results include key levers SME leaders believe will improve performance, ranging from employee recognition and personal development opportunities to helping employees take care of their health and better balance their work and personal life. Deloitte’s report on the global human capital trends reflected a major finding after three years of struggling to drive employee engagement and retention, improve leadership and build a meaningful culture: 92% of executives surveyed rated the redesign of the organisation itself as a critical priority. On Quality of Life at work, a French report published in October identified the quality of an individual’s actual work as a key determinant of that individual’s Quality of Life. Young people received a particular focus in the eighth edition of the OECD’s Society at a Glance report. The latter examines the current situation of youth – particularly the 40 million young people who remain neither employed nor in education or training (NEET) – following the Great Recession. The total gross income that could have been generated by NEETs in 2014 was estimated between USD 360-605 billion.


Looking forward to research and events in 2017: February will see the launch of Sodexo’s first Global Workplace Trends Report; also the publication of a report relating to the economic and social impacts of obesity in Chile, Mexico and Brazil; in the Spring, a Dialogue round-table to explore the likely consequences of technological change over time in terms of Quality of Life and the progress of individuals is planned, and the Second Sodexo Quality of Life Conference is due to take place in London in October.


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The Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life: 2016 Retrospective

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