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May 30 2017

Spreading the word about salad bars

Salad bars in schools are a great innovation for getting young people to eat more fruit and vegetables.

But marketing them to students is an even better idea.

That’s the conclusion of researchers who studied a sample of the estimated 4,800 salad bars in U.S. public schools. Based on the results at 12 schools in New Orleans, students are three times more likely to use a salad bar if it is backed up by good, old-fashioned marketing.

In practice, that means placing signage throughout the school to promote it, information in the school’s newsletters and other publications, and making references to the salad bar on all its digital channels.

The study also highlighted the value of reaching out to parents and encouraging them to offer their kids similar foods - as students are more likely to choose fruit and vegetables at school if they eat them at home. Separate research found that salad bar usage increases if it is part of the main serving line, rather than located separately.

Source : ScienceDaily.com

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