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Aug 9 2016

The staggering price of being inactive

The global cost of inactivity is roughly $67.5 billion. A study published in The Lancet analyzed data from 142 countries and, for very the first time, put a price tag on inactivity. The cost breaks down to $53.8 billion in healthcare costs and $13.7 billion in productivity loss. While this figure is staggering, experts estimate that the actual cost could be even higher, as the study only takes into account the five major diseases associated with physical inactivity (coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, breast and colon cancer). Sound scary? Yes. But the solution is simple. If you want to avoid illness and premature death, you’ll heed this advice: take a walk at lunchtime, bike or walk to work, go for a morning run – one hour a day is a small investment that can yield a big return.

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