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May 23 2017

Students left to struggle with mental health issues

Most students at schools in England feel they are struggling to cope mentally – and that they cannot turn to teachers for help, research suggests. In a survey of 500 pupils, 80% of 12 to 16 year olds claimed they had mental health problems, and yet only 5% felt they could talk to a teacher about feelings of anxiety, depression or an inability to cope 1.

In response, all schools intend to provide counseling and emotional support, but only 50% have been able to do so, a government study revealed. Even then, support in dealing with the stresses of daily life may only be available once a week, or even less.

In the opinion of students, professional counselors should be available to deal with these issues – rather than busy teachers with little or no training in the field, according to separate research. The one certainty is that, if not treated in adolescence, high levels of stress are likely to lead more serious problems later on in life.

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