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Students pedal towards a greener and healthier lifestyle

Quality of Life Observer

- Education

- Mar 28 2017

Sodexo’s Bike n Blend program has got the wheels spinning in schools across Asia. The new program takes a hands-on approach to teaching the benefits of a healthy lifestyle – for both students and the planet alike.

Schools in Hong Kong and Singapore have put an engaging and surprising twist on classic lessons such as healthy eating and respecting the environment through the new Sodexo-led Bike n Blend program. As students pedal on stationary smoothie bicycles, the energy they produce powers the attached blender and whips up the healthy smoothie of their choice. Through this program, students learn first-hand about the importance of saving energy, developing healthy eating habits and exercise.

Biking across Asia

Fifteen schools, including Singapore Sports School, Canadian International School and United World College in Singapore and YMCA, King George V International School and Hong Kong International School in Hong Kong launched the initiative as a major part of health engagement programs. The schools set out to show students and staff alike that healthy eating and respecting the environment can be fun and engaging. The 2-day program was wildly successful across a total of 15 sites. With an estimated 3 bikes per site, 2,000 bikers collectively produced 1,800 fresh smoothies, burned more than 10,000 Kcal and pedaled nearly 600 miles.

Educational institutions launched the program to encourage healthy lifestyles and nutritional choices among students, teachers and parents. The hands-on aspect is particularly engaging and exciting as participants can see how their actions power the blender right in front of their eyes.

Schools in Singapore have also kicked off the Blend Your Way to Fame Sodexo Smoothie Challenge to encourage more students to participate in the Bike n Blend program. The contest encourages students to create their own nutritious and unique recipes. At the end of 2016, participating schools will select the top three smoothies – based on ease of making, use of locally available ingredients, aesthetics, taste and nutritional value – and the winning smoothies will appear on campus menus. Students will be allowed to name their creations and reap the rewards – one free smoothie for every five winning smoothie sold.

Bike n Blend was a wonderful learning experience for the students to draw connections from our topics such as Nutrition, Training and Biomechanics, plus they really enjoyed the tasty smoothies.
Michael Cantelon – High School IB Diploma Sports Science Teacher, CIS Singapore

A blend of benefits

The program boasts a myriad of benefits. From a physical perspective, the mix of exercise and the nourishment from the smoothies boosts energy and moods, helps maintain a healthy weight, strengthens the cardiovascular and immune systems, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and even anxiety and depression. Participating students have also shown to be more focused.

With fun names such as Turn-up-the-BEET and Super Kale Fraglistic, the 100 percent natural smoothies encourage students to eat nutrient rich foods that may otherwise be less appealing to young palates – such as beetroot, chia seeds and kale.

Based on the program’s success, Sodexo will continue to roll it out across its school campuses in Asia.

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Students pedal towards a greener and healthier lifestyle

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