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SUPAERO’s holistic approach to student health

Quality of Life Observer

- Education

- Dec 18 2014

In the exceedingly competitive higher education marketplace, schools around the world focus on developing enticing benefits to attract and retain students. These institutions set out to differentiate their environment, services or programs from other schools. Take a look at how one of France’s top aerospace engineering schools sets itself apart.

The Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (ISAE SUPAERO), in Toulouse France, takes a holistic approach to encourage health and well-being among its students. From providing top of the line athletic facilities, to creating a healthy physical environment and offering balanced dining options, ISAE SUPAERO students have all the tools to support a healthy lifestyle at their fingertips.

Exercise options for everyone

While the university encourages students to maintain a basic level of physical activity through its compulsory sports program, the abundance of athletic facilities encourages students to engage above and beyond what is required. The school boasts several gymnasiums, weight training facilities, multi-use indoor and outdoor sport terrains as well as a swimming pool, climbing wall and dojo. “These facilities are part of what makes our school so attractive to our students as well as perspective students,” says Jean-Sébastien Guyère, Secretary-General of ISAE SUPAERO.

In addition to the physical facilities, ISAE SUPAERO students also organize and participate each year in SUPAEROWING, Toulouse’s internationally renowned rowing regatta. The two-day event encourages friendly competition among rowing teams from across France and Europe and promotes a healthy lifestyle among ISAE SUPAERO students.

A renewed campus

In September 2015, the students from the ENSICA campus, an inner sister school currently located in the city center of Toulouse, will join the ISAE SUPAERO student body as the two campuses merge. “These students will also benefit from our quality programs and environment – especially as our campus is being renovated,” says J-S Guyère. Student well-being was top of mind when the residence halls were planned last year. The new student dorm rooms, expanded to 15m2 compared to 9m2, now also feature en suite bathrooms. Additionally, the three new low consumption residence halls were specifically designed for student comfort and to reduce the school’s carbon footprint.

Healthy options encourage healthy lifestyles

“We consider the health of our students to be key lever in their Quality of Life,” says J-S Guyère. “To ensure this, we focus on providing organic and locally farmed and produced food in our dining halls.” Whether students want a quick snack or a sit-down meal, several dining options are available to meet all types of diets and palates.

The campus also closely monitors the well-being of students through its personalized and robust medical and social services. “With a specific focus on risk prevention related to alcohol and drugs, we participate in an annual program to remind our students of the dangers of substance abuse and provide recommendations to help individuals avoid these addictive habits,” says J-S Guyère.

“The years that our students spend here at SUPAERO are incredibly important to their development,” says Guyère. “As such, we want to provide them with options that improve their well-being wherever and whenever we can.”

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SUPAERO’s holistic approach to student health

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