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Apr 3 2017

Taking the lead at an international school

The promise of a professional challenge, the rich blend of cultures and the excitement of an entirely new experience often attract educators to flock to international schools around the globe.

But what does it take to actually lead one of these institutions? Smart Leaders 1 interviewed experienced international school principals who successfully made the transition and produced a white paper with key insights and tips.

One key recommendation is to anticipate cultural nuances. As staff often hail from the four corners of the world, their teaching background, training and style will be vastly different. These differences can affect motivation, management and development. The white paper also recommends being prepared to navigate organizational differences and varying expectations.

School leaders will need to meet the expectations and standards of a range of government, business and curriculum authorities. Other tips include being agile while sticking to one’s values and always remembering that with every challenge comes great rewards.

Source: The Educator

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