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Top 10 ways to look ahead in the workplace in 2014

Quality of Life Observer

- Apr 17 2014

Walk through Sodexo’s 2014 Workplace Trends Report and discover what is coming up in the evolution of the American workplace.

Most senior executives spend less than 20% of their time talking with their colleagues about the future to build a collective view. Workplace experience design 

With today’s employee seeking a more meaningful employment value proposition, the need to create contemporary experience environments is rising. As such, companies must shift their way of thinking from cost to value. This change will create employee experiences that ultimately create stronger bonds between employee and employer. As companies compete to attract, retain and motivate top talent, it is time to actively design employee experiences

Designing-in wellbeing

Our overall health and wellbeing is greatly affected by the health of the buildings where we live and work. Truly health centered buildings take into account the different ways employees perceive and cope with environmental stressors. New building concepts “design-out” potential hazards such as poor air quality and “design-in” wellbeing benefits such as natural light.

The double-edged sword

While communication technology can provide flexibility, increase employee productivity and positively impact work relationships, it also has the potential to negatively affect employee well-being and job performance. Forward-thinking organizations are reevaluating their technology-related work practices to maximize the value technology can bring to the workplace.

Constructing "smarter" buildings 

Today’s smart buildings merge technology and energy to support remote monitoring, virtual energy management and information access. As concern about energy usage and environmental impact increases, corporate, health care, education and government sectors must consider facility automation in building construction and operation in the years to come.

A little friendly competition

When done right, “Gamification”, or the idea of using game mechanics outside of a purely gaming context, can stimulate competition among co-workers and increase employee engagement. The key to creating a game that drives business success is ensuring that it resonates with the players, fits the business culture and has measurable results. Game on!

Cross-cultural understanding and management

Being a manager in today’s workplace often means managing a diverse workforce or crossing time zones to manage multiple locations in multiple countries. As the world continues to become a smaller place, success depends on the ability to understand, appreciate and integrate a multiplicity of varied backgrounds, communications styles and cultural norms.

VOI is the new ROI

As organizations increase the use of rewards and recognition programs, a fundamental question arises: how should employees be evaluated? Although value has traditionally been measured by ROI (Return on Investment), progressive thinkers are looking at the long-term, intangible assets that VOI (Value on Investment) measures. While we can’t put a price on improved communication or collaborative relationships – the value these performance factors create is immeasurable. 

Reducing health care costs by promoting and protecting worker health

As US health care costs continue to rise due to chronic disease and work injuries, experts turn to health management strategies to regulate the problem. When policies, programs and practices strategically integrate initiatives that promote and protect worker heath, the economic and social burden will, in turn, be minimized. These initiatives only deliver on their promise when supported by long-term visioning, leadership commitment, accountability systems and systematic management.

The future of work 

The corporations, societies and environments in which we work are changing – and so must our jobs and the way we think about careers. Jobs of the future must be retrofitted, blended or be designed around solving an existing problem. Retrofitted jobs apply new trends to current positions while blended jobs connect two unrelated fields to create a hybrid career. In problem areas, jobs are created to directly resolve issues.

30 jobs of the future and how to create them

A dozen “futurists” put their heads together to identify 30 emerging job titles to stimulate thoughts about the future and the jobs that may be needed in the decades ahead. Some food for fodder: “Digital archeologist”, “Energy harvester”, “Green career coach”, “Personal brand manager”, “Plant psychologist”.

How is your company planning for the future workplace?


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Top 10 ways to look ahead in the workplace in 2014

Walk through Sodexo’s 2014 Workplace Trends Report and discover what is coming up in the evolution of the American workplace.

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