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A view on the Sodexo 2017 Global Workplace Trends Report

Thomas Jelley

- Global

- Feb 9 2017

Thomas Jelley

Director, Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life

How does this report differ from other ‘trend’ reports?

The Global Workplace Trends Report 2017 is founded on the insight of Sodexo experts but draws on expert knowledge and experience from far and wide externally to test this insight and bring it to light: nearly 50 subject matter experts from the OECD, world class universities, the UN, leading consultancies and NGOs contributed. The result is ten global workplace trends that help us to understand in which direction and how the workplace is evolving, what are the implications for individuals and organisations.

How would you describe the central theme of the Sodexo 2017 Global Workplace Trends Report?

The overwhelming emphasis of the report is the dynamic nature of our relationship with the workplace: how we shape it e.g. through design thinking, how it can shape us e.g. as a ‘wellness destination’, its role as an enabler in relation to some of the great challenges of our times (think global migration or sustainable development) and how we can make sense of rapid change (cue agility and life-long intergenerational learning) – among others.

This report was supported by the Institute for Quality of Life; what’s the connection?

As the Sodexo Group’s in-house think-tank, the Institute for Quality of Life prides itself on the wide variety of topics it addresses.  In the last year alone, we’ve had the opportunity to explore the meaning of Quality of Life and the progress of individuals living with dementia, the social and economic costs of obesity in Latin America, the connections between the physical environment of classrooms and the performance of pupils. Our work to support the first global edition of the Sodexo Workplace Trends Report (previously a US-oriented report) was yet another valuable opportunity to cast the net far and wide across the different dimensions of Quality of Life, also across geographies and cultures, but this time with a clear focus on how we see the world of work around us changing.

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A view on the Sodexo 2017 Global Workplace Trends Report

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