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May 24 2017

What works when it comes to corporate wellness programs?

When premiums for company health insurance became exorbitant in the 1980s, many began looking for simple activities that would keep their employees in shape, thereby reducing the company’s claims.

Collectively, US firms now spend a whopping $8 billion a year on wellness. They can boost morale and reduce staff turnover, cutting the costs at the margins. However, it’s not all sunshine and roses. Studies show that only 4%-8% actually take part in the wellness programs. The key to a really successful program is leadership and a well-designed plan. Now that executives have realised the productivity benefits of a healthy workforce, they are more willing to provide schemes that will make a difference. Sodexo’s FitMeUp program has been designed to help provide health coaching on nutrition, physical activity and sleep. Targeting the program at groups of similar health needs will also help. Above all, continuous reinforcement of the importance of healthy lifestyle is the most effective at keeping a healthy workforce and helping people achieve healthy lifestyles.

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