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May 29 2017

Why rethinking the morning commute could positively impact business?

“Start as you mean to go on” is an adage many employees live by. Unfortunately, as our commutes become ever more stressful, the stresses and strains of a taxing journey to work are taking their toll on the workforce with efficiency and focus hardest hit.

Companies cannot deny that commuting affects the way perceive and behave at work. It is for this reason that Sodexo is strategizing on how best to counter the ramifications of a frustrating commute to the office.

In transport itself, companies are trying anything, from providing employees with improved transportation options to and from the workplace to improving commuting experiences by learning positive routines (such as planning journeys and alternatives in advance). Similarly, they are trailing work-at-home alternatives and seamless expense reporting so that less time is taken up by menial tasks. These are just some of the options being explored by Sodexo to improve the journey to work and, by extension, employee efficiency and focus.

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